“Advanced acting skill is something we all possess by virtue of being human.”

-The Guiding Principle of the Bare Bones Theater Company’s Acting School


Bare Bones presents a variety of classes for adult actors of all experience levels.
We are proud to offer the following classes for our Summer semester

Summer Class Series – Killer Auditions
How to prepare for and deliver auditions that make you shine

There’s nothing like getting up there on stage and performing in front of an appreciative audience. But between you and stealing that extra bow looms the audition. You don’t land that part by just showing up and winging it: winning the role takes planning, preparation, and a well-rehearsed monologue or two that will show you at your best.

Bare Bones presents this two-part class that will help you prepare for the audition, study, and practice script sides when you have them and develop cold-reading skills for when you don’t, learn how to interact with the casting team at the audition, and guide you towards choosing the right monologues to showcase your skills.

Then we dive into those monologues, where you’ll learn to develop your character, understand what the monologue is really about, connect with your audience, and deliver the speech as if it comes from your very own heart.

Section 1      Preparing for the Audition                     Lynn Antunovich                  3 weeks           $175

Section 2      Nailing the Audition Monologue            Margalit Cicurel                    3 weeks           $175

Special price: Take both sections for just $325!

Summer series 2017:      Section 1      Wednesdays 7–10PM     July 19, 26, and August 2

Section 2      Wednesdays 7–10PM     August 9, 16, and 23

Section 1 – Preparing for the Audition

Acting is art, auditioning is work. It’s a serious process that you need to understand and prepare for.

In the first three weeks, Lynn will cover the following:

Week 1         Audition basics: having the right resume and headshots; etiquette of the audition; discovering your ‘type’; choosing material and deciding which roles to go for

Week 2         Cold readings; text analysis; how to break down a text quickly and cleanly; how to make clear choices with the material

Week 3         Putting it all together; choosing your audition monologues; dealing with audition curveballs

Section 2 – Developing your Monologue

As a working actor, you need a toolkit of monologues that showcase your abilities. Over time your toolkit will grow to include comic, dramatic, contemporary, and classical pieces. The monologue is unique because you are alone on stage, and you alone must create an entire world in under three minutes. This class will be a crash course in understanding what brings life to your character, how to tell your story in your own special way, and how to leave your audience wanting more.

Week 1         Presenting your monologue; finding what makes you stand out; stepping out of your comfort zone; building a map to navigate your character; finding the differences between you and the character

Week 2         Finding your character’s physical life; shadow moves; taking chances and taking risks

Week 3         Putting it all together; going deeper; discovering what makes you more interesting than anyone else doing the same monologue

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Preparing For the Audition – $175

Nailing the Audition Monologue – $175

Take both Sections – $325