Our Alumni

In this section we shine the spotlight on Bare Bones alums who are applying their craft in the world of professional entertainment. Email us to let us know what you are up to.


ChristopherHackertChristopher Hackert recently appeared as the Narrator in the highly acclaimed Bare Bones Production of The Pavilion by Craig Wright. The challenging role required Chris to portray nearly 20 characters, both male and female, in addition to serving as the all-powerful narrator who controlled the action, set the scene and related universal truths to the audience throughout the play. His performance and that of fellow cast members Jennifer Dorcic and Johnny Greenlaw were met with standing ovations at every show.

Chris is an alum of two Bare Bones classes, and he served as stage manager for the 2011 Alumni Showcase. A relative newcomer to the Bare Bones Family, Chris brings years of theater experience with him. Chris began his theater career as a contributing playwright with Middle Class American Productions. He has since had dozens of his one-act plays produced throughout Long Island. Chris was awarded “Funniest Play” at the 2010 Laugh Off Play Festival for his original play, the side-splitting comedy “Up The Creek.” He won Best Actor and Best Director awards at the 2011 Northport One Act Play Festival for his original play “Help Unwanted.” Chris is a regular writer and actor for both SeeSaw Comedy Group and The South Shore Theatre Experience.

Chris is proud to announce that his first full-length comedy “Til My Dying Day” will be staged in March, and he has submitted a one act play to Bare Bones for possible inclusion in an upcoming production. Chris can next be seen on stage in December as the disgruntled reindeer Cupid in The South Shore Theatre Experience’s production of “The Eight Reindeer Monologues” at the BACCA theatre in Lindenhurst.

Chris is the owner of East Meadow Florist in East Meadow and lives in North Babylon with his wife Joanne, a Speech Therapist. Chris is also an active community volunteer, having served as President of the both East Meadow Chamber of Commerce and the East Meadow Kiwanis Club, both of which he has been a member of for over 15 years. He recently served as emcee for the Chamber’s annual Culinary Delights Fundraiser, which raised over $20,000 for various charities.


Screenshot 2015-01-06 13.55.01Tom Rizzuto was born a month late in December 1979 (and has been late to everything ever since). This in-utero overexposure–along with drinking water we believe to be somehow altered by the local power plant–has produced in him the strange desire to make desirably strange movies.

It all started in high school where he and his longtime friend and fellow power-plant water drinker Dennis Neary started making short films together. Records suggest that he attended film school in his twenties in Buffalo, but all he remembers is a group of rowdy girls tearing apart a house and telling him and Dennis that they all played something called “rugby.”

Their first short film since graduation was Pants, which played at film festivals internationally (Canada counts!). He has gone on to make several other short films which are available for viewing at festivals around the country or on their website. His film, The Heist, was screened at the Bare Bones Film Festival this summer.

Tom has been an alumnus of Bare Bones Theater for years and recently enjoyed playing Count Yousekevitch to sold-out audiences in the hilarious play, Fools, by Neil Simon.

The Afterlife is his first feature length comedy-caper involving a large cast and a tiny crew. It features an all-Jewish heist gang, an international spy, intrigue in exotic locations, a kid’s training potty, the Canadian police, a TV psychologist and his dominatrix girlfriend, baking powder, a funeral, lost love and a heart that won’t let go, cigarettes, a ruthless Colombian revolutionary, and a fake mustache. It is the story of one man following his desire for adventure, no matter what gets in his way


Screenshot 2015-01-06 13.56.07Johnny Greenlaw has been a member of the Bare Bones Theater Company for over three years now, having acted in various showcases, and more recently serving as producer for the great American play True West by Sam Shepard.

A graduate of Hofstra University’s Film Program, Johnny is a native New Yorker living in Huntington Village. His latest film project, which he directed and produced, Finding Francis …The Summer of Cheech, an inspirational story about life, love and healing, gained acceptance into The New York City International Film Festival and screened to a packed house at the Tribeca Cinemas.

The Festival received thousands of submissions, selecting 300 films from around the world for screening, with only eight feature films being selected for Best Documentary.

Finding Francis…The Summer of Cheech took home the big prize, winning the Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary. Johnny is passionate about everything he does and is looking forward to his next Bare Bones role coming this October, when he will play Peter in Craig Wright’s The Pavilion. Check Johnny out at www.johnnygreenlaw.com.