The real bonus with Jeff is his insight into the craft of acting. Bennett has clearly digested most of what’s in print on the subject and distilled it down to a startlingly clear system.

Actor, Feature Films, Broadway,
 Off-Broadway, Television

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Jeff is that rare teacher and director who truly cares about all of his students and their growth as actors. He makes sure that everyone has their chance to shine, whether or not they’re destined to make it in the big time.


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Jeff is a seasoned director who encourages his actors to take risks and create interesting characters that complement the piece as a whole. I love working with him because he is passionate and has an infectious energy that makes the process fun and exciting. Jeff is also very organized, so when it comes times to perform, the actors feel prepared and confident to go on. He also supports his actors by coming to see their film and theater performances outside of Bare Bones. Everyone involved in the Bare Bones Theater Company collaborates very much like a supportive family that inspires, creates, and feeds off each other.


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Unending enthusiasm! He created a real professional atmosphere during productions. His love for the piece was always catching.

Opera Singer (soprano)

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Jeff’s powerful teaching style and caring personality create an acting environment where anything is possible.


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Unending enthusiasm! He created a real professional atmosphere during productions. His love for the piece was always catching.

Actress, Feature Films, Television, Stage

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Jeff Bennett is not a one trick teacher. There is never one answer to an acting problem in Bennett’s class. I still use the tools I learned in his classes in my job today.

TV Reporter

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As a trial attorney, I wanted to find a way to challenge myself and gain a competitive edge on the courtroom stage. Jeff welcomed me with open arms into the theater world and gave me opportunities to grow. I enjoyed working with Jeff and my fellow students at Bare Bones, whom I can now count among my personal friends.


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All I can say is that I love this group. They may not have the bells and whistles of Broadway, but they work with, nurture, and develop actors and anyone else who comes their way. As a teacher and director, Jeff created a theater group that brings excitement to new work and classics. The company’s work is a blend of courage, creativity, and craft—whether it’s a fully staged production or a scene night. I always look forward to seeing their latest shows and showcases. I’m glad Long Island has such a vibrant group and can’t wait to see what they do next.


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It all comes down to having the courage to be honest and instinctual, to trust yourself and allow yourself to play, to just focus and be. That’s what Jeff taught me.


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I would happily match Jeff Bennett against any of the vaunted acting teachers in Manhattan anytime.


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Jeff Bennett has really started something! Bare Bones Theater Company is an ever-changing group of players that explores new acting techniques and translates them into vibrant performances under Jeff’s masterful direction.


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I’d never set foot on a stage before entering Jeff’s program — never even thought to — but after just one class I knew I was hooked. Jeff has a way of making even a complete beginner feel totally at ease, and he draws out talents and skills you never knew you had.


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Having never acted before, I joined Jeff’s class to gain skills and increased confidence for public speaking in business. To my surprise, the atmosphere of Jeff’s program released and nurtured an actor hidden deep within me. You walk into the class for the first time and soon realize that your are among students returning for the 4th or 5th time. They’re hooked on Jeff’s style and approach to creating believable performances.


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Jeff Bennet is the mentor and teacher that we all dream about one day having. He can put any willing actor on a track to pure artistic growth.

Actor and teacher

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As a person who never had the nerve to get up in front of people to speak I must say that taking Jeff’s class has given me the courage to let myself go and be the person that I am today. I enjoyed the class as much as the students that joined me in it.


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One of the reasons that I enjoy Jeff’s classes so much, is the welcoming atmosphere–which reminds one more of a family gathering than of formal instruction. Secondly, his ‘take it off the page’ approach has helped me tremendously in auditioning.

Actor and teacher

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There is no limit in learning to act, eventually it becomes so much a part of you that you actually start to feel different…you grasp it in a different way…and your performance holds so much truth. Jeff brings that out in you, he feeds the process, then makes sure your heart is really in it.


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Jeff’s methods of teaching make me feel extremely comfortable. He makes me excited to get on the stage and always helps me to find that place my mind and body needs to be while performing!


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Acting has been a passion and hobby of mine since I was young. Working with Jeff and my fellow actors in Bare Bones has enhanced my skills and enriched my life. It is a wonderful place to study the craft of acting. Jeff really gives you the freedom to take chances and have fun with characters.


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Jeff Bennett is a deeply perceptive, understanding, and passionate teacher. Most of all, he is a good man–which is my utmost consideration when choosing a teacher. I highly recommend him.


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As a folk- and square-dance caller at schools and corporate parties, I thought acting lessons might reinforce my presentation skills. With Jeff Bennett, I learned techniques that improved my voice, concentration, memory, stage presence and confidence…all in a supportive, entertaining, and loving atmosphere.

Dance Leader

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Jeff is an extraordinary teacher and theater director. Over the years he has continued to bring to the experience fresh, innovative, and challenging techniques that encourage his students to explore and develop their talents.


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My experience with the Bare Bones Theater opened the door to so many opportunities. In my “real life” I play a management role at a local car dealership and Bare Bones gave me the opportunity to showcase my acting talents in a soon-to-be-released independent film. I would recommend the Bare Bones program to anyone who wants to have fun while also building confidence through the art of acting. The instructor, Jeff Bennett, along with the students I worked with were integral in teaching me lessons that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else …


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Jeff is passionate about the craft of acting, and his enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. He was a great ally in the casting of my film “The Marconi Bros.” and is constantly championing his talented students inside the film industry. As a teacher of the craft, he will always be my Lee Strasberg.


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Having participated in numerous dramatic interpretation competitions in the past, I’ve received a good deal of instruction about acting. Jeff Bennett stands head and shoulders above other instructors. He has a gift for maximizing his students’ acting potential. He is a master at casting as well as directing! I always look forward to his classes!


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Although I have never attended Bare Bones Theater classes, I did have the pleasure of working with teacher Jeff Bennett (as my director for Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians – Theatre Three, circa 1987) and, more recently, saw their wonderful production of Brooklyn Boy. Jeff is a talented, consummate rofessional in every way–and a nice guy, too.

Creator Deb’s Web

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I’m so happy I took Lynn’s class. I think she is the best acting teacher. I never felt so relaxed in my work. Without relaxation the actor can not be creative or ACT. Lynn has the winning combination of support, creativity and a strong work ethic. She gets right down to it. Oh, and also comes up with the best scenes for each actor in her class. She gives equal time to all her actors and helps everyone be the best actor they can be. Lynn is very up front, giving really best direction and then letting the actor run with it!!


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Jeff’s acting classes have an atmosphere of giving and trust. Under those conditions, anything is possible. Whether you are a recreational actor or a serious thespian, Jeff will be able to stretch your possibilities. The actor will gain dimension, growth, and range. You will become a versatile actor as your skills flourish!